San Antonio’s Waterway

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In the celebration of San Antonio’s upcoming 300th anniversary in 2018, Bexar County has committed to revitalizing a waterway where the community initially took root by developing a new riparian project.

San Antonio grew up around the San Pedro Creek with records dating back to 1709, when a mission was established and more structures soon followed.

In the 20th century, development along the watershed increased the incidence and magnitude of flooding leading to the creek, becoming a discarded concrete-lined flood channel. By the middle of 2018, San Pedro Creek will once again be an important part of everyday life in San Antonio. The project includes revitalizing two miles of the creek and building a linear riparian park to enhance the west side of downtown and encourage mixed-use development.

The first phase of the project is to relocate all overhead and underground utilities. We currently have two round manhole boxes as well as some road plates on that job. Come next year, San Antonio will a
have a second River Walk!