A Build A Box Solution

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We recently used Build A Box walls as an end treatment on manholes boxes or trench boxes in Colorado as a creative solution for our customer, American West Construction.

Easy to configure with dog doors, and light-weight in nature, they were simple to place at the end of a trench box to create 3 and 4-sided protection.

For American West Construction, constructing a precast 90”diameter manhole with a 102” base, on 60” diameter Hobas pipe, at 20’ deep posed some challenges. A 4-sided shield was required with an opening in one side large enough to fit over the 60” Hobas pipe. The dog doors in our 10’ x 10’ Octagonal MH boxes are not quite large enough to fit over the 60” pipe. Next up was using a 2-piece MH box (w/ wingwalls), and closing off the ends with a Build A Box wall.

We’ve even fabricated brackets that will positively secure the Build A Box wall to the stack pockets of the steel boxes. In a lot of cases, contractors might utilize steel plates in these situations, but there’s always the issue of tabulated data for this application. American West Construction is extremely safety and compliance conscious, so we knew using plate would likely not be an option. By using the Build A Box wall, tab data is available. The Project Manager was delighted that we took the time to look at a solution that would meet their requirements for construct-ability, as well as safety and compliance with OSHA.