Colorado Trench Safety Summit

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Join us on October 3 You are invited to join us in early October for the Colorado Trench Safety Summit (NAXSA and OSHA). This event is packed with hands-on activities such as live equipment demonstrations, classroom training, and a mock trench rescue. … Continued

New Location in Texas

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We are excited to announce that we have a new location in Austin, Texas! If you have a project there, find us at 3039 Hwy 71 E, Suite B, Del Valle, TX 78617 or contact Alain Duron at (512)467-4004 /

Trench Safety Stand Down

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This past June, we participated in the Trench Safety Stand Down event. This 5 day event was held nationwide, in conjunction with NAXSA and NUCA, and was endorsed by OSHA to prevent trenching fatalities and accidents. Underground Safety and Trench Safety … Continued

Quick Shielding Solutions

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A recent client’s project was to shield an 18’D X 40’L X 6’W pit for a single-joint gas line feed through a bore under a railroad in old-town Loveland, with an additional 80 plus feet excavated, but unshielded to accommodate … Continued

A Customer Solution

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Our Kansas City location was approached with a job to replace an underground pumping station that was located within 10ft of a multi-million gallon water tank. Since the excavation was to be approximately 13-14ft deep and close to the tank … Continued

A Build A Box Solution

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  We recently used Build A Box walls as an end treatment on manholes boxes or trench boxes in Colorado as a creative solution for our customer, American West Construction. Easy to configure with dog doors, and light-weight in nature, … Continued

Slope Calculator App

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We are excited to announce that our Slope Calculator App has been updated and can be downloaded to your Apple or Google device. Our free app is easy to use to determine if a project needs underground shoring and shielding … Continued

The Veterans Community Project

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Recently one of our valued customers, Blue Nile Contractors, asked the KC Branch to help with the Veterans Community Project. They organized several vendors along with themselves to build 1,600 linear feet of sewer main that will service 50 Tiny Homes … Continued

Never Say Never

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In a million dollar tenant build out, local general contractor Harvest Construction had to build a load bearing pile cap in the basement of an eight-story office building in Brentwood, Tennessee. The General Contractor called Civil Contractors of Franklin to perform the work … Continued