In addition to all the standard utility safety equipment categories, Underground Safety Equipment has many of those hard to find items, including:


Bedding Boxes

Available in the following sizes as well as standard and heavy duty. Bedding boxes significantly reduce the loss of expensive bedding material and allows for more efficient and production bedding placement.

  • 5 cubic yard
  • 7.5 cubic yard
  • 9.0 cubic yard
  • 10.0 cubic yard


Trackout Mats

Easy and effective trackout mats keeps construction job debris on the site. Available in:

  • 8′ Long x 10′ Width – can be placed in multiple configurations


Hard To Find Items

  • Trench Bridges
  • Ladder Hangers
  • Trench Shield Guard Rails
  • Wheel Kits
  • Plate Hangers
  • I-Beams