Underground Safety Equipment offers a complete line of plugs, bypass equipment and testing equipment for rental or sale. Call our rental professionals to discuss your pipe plug needs. We will be able to offer you a pipe plug solution to meet the requirements of your job.

Pipe Plugs

  • For stopping flow, bypassing, line-acceptance testing and leak-location
  • Eyebolts allow plug to be tethered
  • Available from 6” to 96”


Deflection Gauges

  • Also referred to as “mandrels”
  • Used to test flexible sewer pipes for out-of-roundness or deflection
  • Designed to allow rocks and debris to pass through easily. Other gauges can get hung-up on rocks and obstructions causing a test to fail


Hydrostatic Test Pumps

  • Designed for pressure testing waterlines and sewer force mains
  • Produces 9.5 GPM flow, at pressures up to 550 PSI
  • Most user-friendly pump in the industry. Clear by-pass hoses allow you to see flow, which confirms pump is working. Quick disconnect connections are color coded for fast set-up. Operating instructions are attached to the pump.


Sewer Leak Detection

  • Pinpoint accuracy means no more hit or miss trials at finding leaks
  • Finds leaks quickly. Saves you significant time…and money
  • Leak detection technology available only from Underground Safety Equipment
  • Unit comes complete with line stringing equipment, pipe plugs, air compressor and air-testing equipment, all in a self-contained trailer


Air-Testing Equipment

  • Line Acceptance Package – used to perform a low-pressure air test from manhole to manhole
  • Line Stringer Package** – will string a 300’ sewer line in less than a minute without plugging the line. Vacuum created by the line stringer fan assembly will pull lightweight nylon parachute though a wet or dry line. Typically used for stringing rope for deflection test
  • Smoke Blowers*** – generate up to 4,000 CFM of airflow to quickly introduce smoke into the sewer system
  • Manhole Vacuum Test Packages – most efficient, accurate and cost effective method of testing new, existing or rehabilitated manholes. Eliminates expensive/time consuming water tests. Testing is performed by creating a vacuum in the manhole and monitoring a gauge for vacuum loss. Available in plate or bladder styles.