Is it hard or time consuming to open an account with Underground Safety Equipment?

Absolutely not. Underground Safety Equipment strives to be a company that’s easy to do business with. Stemming from this philosophy, Underground Safety Equipment has a simple, one sheet application to open an account with us. And opening an account doesn’t take days…in fact, most accounts are opened within minutes of receiving an application. You can download our account application here on the website or you can contact your local branch to request one be sent to you in the manner of your choosing.


Does Underground Safety Equipment deliver our rental equipment?

Yes. Underground Safety Equipment is always available to deliver every piece of our rental equipment . We have a fleet of trucks ranging from pick-ups to 48’ Kenworth Tractor-Trailers with 15000 lb. capacity knuckle booms. Underground Safety will deliver throughout Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, Southern Idaho, and the Kansas City Metro Area.


Do I need to have equipment on the jobsite to unload Underground Safety’s equipment?

No. Generally speaking, Underground Safety Equipment’s crane trucks are able to unload our trucks at your jobsite.


Will Underground Safety Equipment come out to my jobsite and make recommendations on shoring solutions?

Absolutely. Underground Safety Equipment will gladly send out a Sales Engineer to evaluation our specific jobsite requirements and make recommendations to solve your shoring needs. This service is provided free of charge.


Does Underground Safety Equipment sell any of the shoring equipment or any of the other rental equipment?

Yes. Underground Safety Equipment, as the authorized distributor for Efficiency Production, Inc. both rents and sells every product Efficiency Productions manufactures. We likewise sell any of the equipment we regularly stock in our rental fleet including gas monitors, pipe plugs, etc.


What kinds of equipment does Underground Safety Equipment rent?

Underground Safety Equipment rents a large assortment of shoring and underground safety equipment.